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  A team making it to the Sweet 16 might not be considered a team that can sneak up on others, but I honestly feel like the Colorado Buffs are a team that can do just that. Starting the season in the top 25 (#20), Colorado will play their first game on national TV against the defending champion LSU Tigers, and I think the world will be surprised at how good this Buffs team may be.

The team is led by Nancy Lieberman Watchlist Guard Jaylyn Sherrod, Forward Quay Miller who can get a bucket on anyone and Maddie Nolan who can shoot the ball just as good as any player in the country. Personally, I am extremely excited to see what JR Payne and the 20th ranked Colorado Buffaloes will be able to achieve this year.

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Buffs Mentioned on Pac 12 All-Conference Team

Jaylyn Sherrod

Quay Miller

Frida Formann

Aaronette Vonleh

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AP Poll- #20