The Start Of March Madness Is The Start Of Houston Being Host To Some Major Sporting Events.


I woke up this morning and inhaled the Houston air only to remember that it is the start of March Madness. What does the two have to do with each other you ask? Well, maybe you didn’t ask that but keep reading and I am going to tell you anyway.

 I love March Madness but this year it just feels different. I am in the city of Houston, which is in the state of Texas which is also the home of the 1 seed Houston Cougars. Now, don’t get me wrong. Inhaling the excitement of the Cougar air is cool but, inhaling the air of March Madness is better since this city will be hosting the final four. I am so excited about this because I love sports and since my teams aren’t ever really good it’s always nice to see other fans happy.

Speaking of Houston hosting a major event, the final four isn’t the only thing that will be in the air over the next few years. In 2024 the city will be hosting the College Football Playoff, in 2025 the AAU Junior Olympic Games and in 2026 the FIFA World Cup.

So, if you’re in Houston and you smell something a little different in the air today, that’s just the smell of the city hosting some of the biggest events in the country over the next few years. Enjoy it and have fun. It’s our time to show out!!