The recaps here are a little different. It’s basically the first thoughts that come to mind when we ( think of all the NFL games that were played during week 1. It’s a little different and a lot of fun and I know a lot of you were thinking the same way after these games.

Week 1 Recaps

New England Patriots- Tom Brady is a monster, he showed the world how you’re supposed to take your talents to South Beach. The Pats made the Dolphins look like the Heat in the 4th quarter.

New York Jets- The green must represent four leaf clovers because that win was all luck

Buffalo Bills- Welcome back to the NFL, your fans missed you.

Miami Dolphins- The Pats took these fish to the sea. Tom Brady had those DBs drowning all night

Baltimore Ravens- These guys are the bullies that remixed the Steelers “Black & Yellow” song and turned the terrible towels into white flags.

Cincinnati Bengals- Woo hoo! You guys are one win closer to your two game win projection. (Don’t forget we picked you to win a lot this season)

Pittsburgh Steelers- Hey Steelers, You do know that was a regular season game right?

Cleveland Browns- (Singing) “Almost Doesn’t Count”

Houston Texans- You’re like every man’s crush. You’re always good at the beginning, but then you show your true colors. Good win though, I’m rooting for you.

Jacksonville Jaguars- You proved that it doesn’t matter how you win…..just win! That was an ugly game

Tennessee Titans- You didn’t win but you seem like you have found a good QB to WR combo. Hasselbeck to Britt should be fun to watch this year.

Indianapolis Colts- …And with the first pick of the NFL 2012 draft the Indianapolis Colts select…..

San Diego Chargers- Whatever you guys did to McNabb…….worked

Kansas City Chiefs- 1 year wonder? How do you explain letting the Bills come in and jump all over your couch like they did?

Denver Broncos – You turn the ball over, You lose.

Oakland Raiders- Sebastian Janikowski knocked down a 63 yard field goal and the Raiders kicked the Broncos out of their own stadium.

Washington Redskins- You guys look like a solid team so far, but looks can be deceiving. Are the Redskins that good glass of Kool-aid or that same old spoiled glass of milk? Time will tell.

Philadelphia Eagles- Are the Eagles really as good as their off-season signings?

New York Giants- How do you justify letting Rex Grossman throw for over 300 yards on you? Can anybody explain this? Anybody?

Dallas Cowboys- This team, hands down, has some of the most creative ways of losing games ever.

Chicago Bears- Solid!

Green Bay Packers-These guys are the Super Bowl champs for a reason. Aaron Rodgers made the Saints’ secondary look asinine

Detroit Lions- This D-line should be on the Madden cover.

Minnesota Vikings- McNabb only had 39 yards passing….in real life, and he played the whole game at quarterback.

New Orleans Saints- Offense looks great, defense looks like a bunch of cub scouts. How can a blitzing team have a blitz so slow?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Not the same team from last season, but they should be ok

Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton!!!!

Atlanta Falcons- Wow, the Bears invited you over and sent you home crying. Matt Ryan looked sleepy

Arizona Cardinals- The Cards won’t have to pull Kurt Warner out of retirement after-all. Kolb looks solid after one game.

San Francisco 49ers- They won, that’s really it.

Seattle Seahawks- Seahawks got their wings clipped.

St. Louis Rams- Bad game, lots of injuries, but they’ll bounce back.

Week 1 NFL Scores

Green Bay 42, New Orleans 34

Chicago 30, Atlanta 12

Cincinnati 27, Cleveland 17

Buffalo 41, Kansas City 7

Philadelphia 31, St. Louis 13

Detroit 27, Tampa Bay 20

Jacksonville 16, Tennessee 14

Baltimore 35, Pittsburgh 7

Houston 34, Indianapolis 7

Washington 28, NY Giants

San Francisco 33, Seattle 17

San Diego 24, Minnesota 17

Arizona 28, Carolina 21

NY Jets 27, Dallas 24

New England 38, Miami 24

Oakland 23, Denver 20

“Surprises (Beast Of The Week), Disappointments (Childish Stat Of The Week) and Song Of The Week”

Biggest Surprise– This was a great first week of the NFL. The biggest surprise would have to be Cam Newton (Beast of the week) throwing for over 400 yards

Biggest Disappointment– I would say was Donovan McNabb throwing for under 40 yards while actually playing an entire game. That’s so childish.

My song of the week goes to Reggie Bush. The song is “Never Would’ve Made It” By Marvin Sapp. He gets the song because his late TD helped me win my fantasy football game