Bikini Basketball Association Fantasy vs Inferno

The Bikini Basketball Association Is For Real. Fantasy vs Inferno

The Houston Inferno defeated the Las Vegas Fantasy in the opening game of the Bikini Basketball Association season by the score of 46-42 in overtime. While I don’t have stats from the game, I do happen to have observations.

Bikini Basketball is real. Before attending the game I thought it would be just a bunch of pretty faces in skimpy clothing tripping over each other’s feet in efforts to look cute while bouncing a basketball.

Well, I was wrong. These ladies are complete true ballers who have been playing the game for years and now have the opportunity to continue chasing their dream and doing what they love in an actual league where they will compete for a championship.

For one, the name of the league can be taken out of context. When hearing Bikini Basketball, one’s mind starts to wander in some type of perverted territory but, to be honest, it really shouldn’t. These ladies are more than just some pretty faces, they are talented and competitive. There aren’t any actual bikinis being worn at all. The teams wear tights and sports bras with the team name on the front, jersey number on the back and their attire is very appropriate.

Now don’t get me wrong, if your eyes are into sweets, then there’s some candy on the court. However, once you start watching how good the ladies play you won’t have time to pay attention to anything else because you will be all into the game.

Like I said before, the ladies on the court have actually played ball before entering this league and you can tell they have the passion for the game.

To be honest, there was less flopping during this game than in the NBA.

With the football season being over and the NBA coming to an end, I would recommend checking out one of these games if you have a team in your city.

( player interviews below)

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