So I’m sitting here debating on which bandwagon I want to jump on for the NBA Finals and I’m having the hardest time choosing. I mean honestly, I have a feeling of who’s going to win but picking the wrong team would look horrible on my brand new sports writing resume. So instead of picking a team, I’m just going to sit back use my NBA 2K knowledge and point out the two major keys and players that can earn both teams the NBA title.

1)The Dallas Mavericks have to make sure their bench play is pretty much flawless. Having a deeper rotation than the Heat, they can try to use their bench to wear the younger team down.

2)This one is really simple. The Heat must bring that same grouchy defensive intensity that they’ve been bringing throughout the playoffs. Any team that can contain D. Rose the way the Heat did has some defense that can stop anyone

 Key Players

Jason Terry- if this guy finds ways to get to the free throw line along with hitting those 3-point shots as he did against the Lakers, he will cause fits for the Miami Heat.

Chris Bosh-  We know Lebron will bring his A-game and I’m pretty sure D. Wade will do the same, now all this team needs is for Bosh to be the same player he’s been throughout the playoffs and South Beach can get ready for their championship parade. The big two plus Bosh is probably better than any team in the NBA and here’s their chance to prove it.

Deciding Factor

Dirk Nowitzki will be forced to do something that he hasn’t had to do throughout the playoffs-play defense. Will he get exposed or will he do the exposing?


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