The recaps here are a little different. It’s basically the first thoughts that come to mind when we ( think of all the NFL games that were played during week 13. It’s a little different and a lot of fun and I know a lot of you were thinking the same way after these games.

Eagles 14 vs Seahawks 31

Marshawn Lynch was Bishop Don Jaun and the Eagles defense were his……well, anyway, the Seahawks ran completely over the Eagles and added another foot of dirt on the playoff grave of Philly.

49ers 26 vs Rams 0

The 49ers managed to clinch their horrible division by shutting out a horrible Rams team.

Packers 38 vs Giants 35

The Giants got so close only to get slapped back into reality. The smiles on the New York sideline when getting that game tying touchdown were awesome, but the looks on those same faces two plays later when A. Rodgers led the Packers to within field goal range were priceless.

Panthers 38 vs Bucs 19

Cam Newton continues to impress as the Bucs fans are depressed

Broncos 35 vs Vikings 32

The Tebow vs Harvin showdown was a beautiful thing but hey, Tebow do’s what Tebow does

Chiefs 10 vs Bears 3

The Chiefs somehow someway put a clinic on a hibernating Bears team.

Texans 17 vs Falcons 10

The Texans clipped the wings of the Falcons. Although the Houston team is beat up, they continue to find ways to win, while most including myself will say the Falcons beat themselves, it really doesn’t matter but the W is the only think that counts.

Saints 31 vs Lions 17

Drew Brees continues to carry the Saints and the Black & Gold always finds a way to shine on primetime. The Detroit Lions have to get some discipline. These guys should spend their off season in someone’s boot camp

Steelers 35 vs Bengals 7

This outcome was surprising, but it also gives you a glimpse of what the Steelers are capable of when hitting on all cylinders. The Bengals have to get their act together and beat one of these powerhouse teams if they want anyone to respect them while they’re making their playoff run.

Cowboys 13 vs Cardinals 19

This was a prime example of bad coaching…..I’ll save this one until the end.

Redskins 19 vs Jets 34

The Redskins always find these creative ways to lose and my oh my this week was no exception. While nothing can be taken away from the Jets, lets face it, they did play the Skins.

Titans 23 vs Bills 17

The Bill are who we thought they were. Maybe it’s the injuries, maybe not, but regardless they are still the Bills. The Titans look great, and they’re clicking together at the right time and CJ2K is starting to look like himself again.

Patriots 31 vs Colts 24

If I sit here and tell you I saw a highlight or anything from this game, then I would be completely lying and would deserve a finger cramp while typing this.

Ravens 24 vs Browns 10

The Ravens continue to dominate, and it was nice seeing Peyton Hllis back from the Madden cover break.

Dolphins 34 vs Raiders 14

The Dolphins have officially taken the Panthers’ place as the best worst team in the league. It’s amazing that a team this bad can be so good. Props to Reggie Bush for carrying this offense. Raiders….wow, just wow

Beast of the Week- would have to be Aaron Rodgers. That last drive against the Giants was everything that is perfect.

Childish Player of the Week -goes to the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett. Dude how do you ice your own kicker and hold a time out only to spike the ball? Poor clock management gets you the L and called childish by an unknown sports site…Boom


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