I don’t often post about hockey for some odd reason, but I enjoyed it so much tonight 2.27.2023 that I had to. I don’t want to post about everything from the night, but I will post my three favorite things that had me looking at the tv and wondering how exactly did he pull that off?!

Number one will be goal number 50 for Conner McDavid. This dude is so good and such a joy to watch. I watched him tonight and wondered how is this even possible. This dude is a beast.


Number two is Mikko Rantanen. Mikko hit goal number 39 and 40 but goal number 39 is that one that had my head smoking. He hit the puck out of midair to score the goal. There’s honestly nothing that I can type to give this play justice so just look at the video below and let me know if you could pull this off.

Number three wasn’t a play, but it was some trash talk that I found interesting because the two teams were playing in game one of a back-to-back. Brady Tkachuk of the Ottawa Senators had a quick message to the Detroit Red Wings bench. It wasn’t a big deal to me until I realized that they were playing a back-to-back.  I wonder if the Wings players will respond and put a shoulder to Tkachuk when they get back on ice against each other.