NCAA Transfer Tandems I’m Excited to Watch

Chrislyn Carr (Photo: © Rich Barnes, USA TODAY Sports)

I love the transfer portal, especially when it comes to NCAA basketball. One of the reasons I love it is because it forms new duos and, the one thing that I love as much as the portal, is duos: Batman/Robin, Jordan/Pippen, the Ogwumike sisters, hell even Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza. I love duos and people tend to overlook how the transfer portal can make new tandems.

Well, I want to highlight a few of the new tandems that I will be looking forward to watching in college that were formed via the transfer portal. I sat here for a while and tried to figure out if I should post all of them as one big blog, but for the sake of stretching content, I will do this over the next few weeks.

AP Photo/Gary McCullough)

This brings me to my first team – Louisville. While I will be talking about both teams, I am starting with the women’s team because they got busy in the portal this off-season. After losing six players to graduation or transfer, the Cardinals Coach Jeff Waltz hit the transfer portal hard and came away with two players that I love to watch and one that punished the Cards offensively last year after dropping 28 against the then 5th ranked team.  I am talking about the 6’2 guard grad transfer Morgan Jones who is transferring from Florida State. What I like about Jones is that she can drop 18 on you and lock up one of your best players on defense. I cannot wait to see Morgan Jones on a team coached by Waltz. Now, I can talk about how great Jones will be with returning star Hailey Van Lith, but HVL is the cherry on top for me. I am really excited to see the tandem of Morgan Jones and Chrislyn Carr.

Carr is a 5’5 grad transfer from Syracuse and averaged 14.2 ppg. Carr is the former Big 12 Freshman of the year in 2019 and has balled out every year since. What I like about Carr is she will attack the basket, cross you up, and give the nets brush burns from the ball going through them after she shoots it from three. When Chrislyn Carr is in her bag, the defender just has to sit back and understand that buckets will be had.

Morgan Jones and Chrislynn Carr is a new tandem that I am ready to watch.