If we’re being honest, there is no curious case, we fans are just assholes and want things done our way instead of letting the actual players do what’s best for them. When the news dropped that Johnson had decided to de-commit from Oregon all you saw online was people talking about how many schools he’s been to as if any of that matters. All that matters now is that the kid is not going to Oregon and he had significant reason to walk away from that option. 

Johnson has once rated the number one PG of the class of 2022 and I think in the right situation he can show that he is the number one PG. It’s now up to him and his family to find the right situation. If I had any advice to give to Dior Johnson it would simply be to do what makes you happy because you’re the only person that has to walk in the tracks of your decision. 

These are just my thoughts.



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