The Trojans of San Jose State announced that they have mada a major change to Provident Credit Union Event Center by adding a silicon glow floor to it’s gym.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – San José Athletics announced the unveiling of its new Silicon Glow Floor inside the Provident Credit Union Event Center on Thursday. The distinctive design is intended to represent the region and the university working together as one.

“We took the feedback from many different individuals and merged all the concepts into a very attractive design to enhance our gameday experience,” said Director of Athletics Jeff Konya
. “We believe it is unique in the marketplace and will be a distinguishing factor for our basketball programs.”

The Spartans posted a few concepts on social media to encourage fans to select their favorite basketball court design in early April. With over 11,000 votes and 200,000 impressions in a week, the San José State fan base voted at an overwhelming 60 percent rate for a microchip design, representing Silicon Valley. SJSU took those suggestions, working with Connor Sports and Final Finish to paint the design, to produce the new Silicon Glow Floor.

The Silicon Glow Floor is just the first phase of improvements at the Provident Credit Union Event Center with more announcements following this summer.

Personally I love the new up to date look of the court. Here are the pictures and video below.



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