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I knew Rhyne Howard was a baller. I mean, at the end of the day, Howard was one of the only reasons I liked anything about the Kentucky Wildcats. So, I knew what she was and is capable of. I knew the WNBA was in for a problem once the number 1 pick got comfortable, but I didn’t know it would be so soon. Well, Rhyne Howard has kicked the fucking door in and is serving buckets and embarrassment to the competition as if she’s a fifth-year vet. 

The rookie in her fourth game dropped a 30-piece, it was 33 to be exact. In the first four games of her career, the point total looked like this 16, 21,13, and 33 and that just landed Howard as the WNBA’s Eastern Conference Player Of The Week. 

If you have’nt been watching the Atlanta Dream you may want to check them out. It’s a fun team and the rook Rhyne Howard is just getting started. This rookie class in general has been a joy to follow. 

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