One of the things I enjoy the most is watching women’s basketball. I watch these young ladies from their freshman year in college up until they graduate and enter the wnba draft. As fans,  we grow attached to these hoopers and are ready to see what they can bring to the next level. However, some never get the chance to even show what they can do because of roster restraints in the WNBA. 


We’ve seen players drafted in the first round end up being cut within weeks of being drafted. I can only imagine how hard that has to be and, although life isn’t fair, being cut within weeks of being the number 8 pick in the draft is complete unfair bullshit. 

While I dont know what the answer is, I know that there needs to be an answer. I’ve heard all of the expansion request by the fans. I’ve also seen the league ignore the requests. So, since more teams won’t be added to the league what else can be done? 

I don’t have the answer, but I know we all have ideas. Here are mine.

WNBA G-LEAGUE – I mentioned this a few times on twitter and think this would be a beautiful idea. The NBA Gleague is really big and while I know the WNBA may not be able to pull off what their male counterparts have, I feel this could work. 

We just watched the Athlete’s Unlimited have a great first season and, the way that league went off, I feel the WNBA could possibly partner with that league to hold a GLeague for the all draft picks from the past three years to play each other and have a a chance to have their talent exposed . 

3 Player Roster Hold – This is where each year there are 3 extra roster spots for players drafted in the current and previous year to sit in a practice squad and can be used for injuries. 

WNBA draft cuts

First round draft pick player hold – If the three year player hold doesnt work, then maybe a first round draft pick player hold can. That would be where the first round has a meaning. It gives teams an open spot to hold their first round pick and use them as a pratice squad player and gives them a chance to add that player to the roster if injuries occur. If a team doesn’t have a first round pick, the the roster spot goes to the first player selected and if a team doesn’t have any picks, then your good ass team doesn’t need a extra roster spot anyway. 

Look, this is just me going on a mini rant because I see all of these players getting cut so soon. I know it’s a business, but it just feels gross. With that being said, if you did get released, keep your head up and I wish you good luck. 

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