Teaira McCowan Will Make The Dallas Wings More Exciting. (These are Just My Thoughts)


On Tuesday (3.8.2022) I got an alert to my phone, All I could see was the subject line. it read “Press Release: Dallas Wings aquire…”. That was it, I assumed it was them trading a draft pick or something. I didn’t know what exactly it would be, but I assumed it would be a minor move because this is usually a pretty quiet time for WNBA news. I grabbed the phone off my desk and when I saw the whole headline I was stuck with a blank stare as it read that the Wings acquired Teaira McCowan from the Indiana fever.

While I am a little confused by the move, I also love the fact they identified a need and went to go fill it. McCowan is one of my favorite bigs in the league and I feel like in the right situation she can be a star. Speaking of the right situation, I feel like this is it. I try not to make predictions on how a player maybe with a team but I can see the vision here. However, the team is stacked at 4 and 5 position which is where the confusion comes in. The team used two draft picks last season on Charlie Collier and Awak Kuier They also have Izzy Harrison, Satou Sabally, and Bella Alarie,  which is a logjam at the position even with the named players being interchangeable.

What makes me feel like this move will be great is the thought of Arike Ogunbowale, Satou Sabally, and Teaira McCowan running the pick and roll with McCowan bodying a guard in the paint or kicking it out to Marina Mabrey or Allisha Gray on the outside.

I’m sure the Wings will make another move – probably on draft night. As of now, I love what the team is doing and I am excited to see what Vickie Johnson will cook up on the court with the roster.


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