NCAA Video Game Is Back. Here Is My Simple Wishlist For The Game



My hands are shaking. I am filled with joy and excitement from the news that just came across my phone screen. I will get straight to the punch or whatever the saying is. Well, EA Sports has just announced that they will be releasing a new installment of their franchise college football game. The last game came out in 2013. Many of us across the world have kept our old xbox 360’s just for the times we’re feeling like hittng the recruiting trail and now we will be able to do it on the Next Gen system.
In the official release,  EA said that they don’t have an exact date for the game yet and that they won’t have player’s names or likeness, but I am sure the fans of the game don’t give a shit about any of that and will find a way to get around it.
I cannot wait for the release of the game. This is one that I will actually leave out of my house at midnight to stand in line for, however, I don’t trust EA all the way. I used to be a die hard fan of Madden and EA fucked that game off to the point that I can barely tolerate it. So, this time around let’s just keep it simple, EA . I know this won’t matter, but I have a wishlist for what I would like from the game when it comes out.
1. Leave the game as is. Update the graphics and let us go crazy on it.
2. The Transfer Portal – It would be really cool to have the players transfer and play the next season and not sit out a year.
3. No story mode. Please dont make us sit through long drawn out stories just to get our dynasties rolling.
All I am saying is, let’s not use the madden gameplay for the NCAA. Please don’t ruin this for us.
Listen, no matter what happens, I will be all-in on this game. Just remember that sometimes less is more and the SEC runs college football.
Welcome back NCAA and goodbye Xbox 360. Daddy loves you.


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