Shaq Thompson Youth Football Camp

Shaq Thompson Youth Football Camp



I want to start this off by saying thank you to Shaq Thompson. While I can never tell someone what to do with their money, I think it’s beautiful to see someone giving kids the chance to enter a camp for free. Times are hard for a lot of people and parents are struggling. We often see the news and it’s usually crime-filled with a lot of the crime against or by our youth and we always ask why. Well, the kids don’t know they’re loved. They don’t have a chance to nurture their talents or be exposed to their gifts. Some may see what an athlete like Shaq Thompson is doing as just a good gesture, but it can in fact be life altering/lifesaving.

If you take the time to look around right now you will see that sports camps can range from $75 a day to over $300 a week. Those prices alone will rule out a whole class of families.

How can camps be advertised to help the youth when you price out most them?

With that being said, this is just something to acknowledge and say thank you to Shaq Thompson and people like him who are making a difference. I am sure there’s a group of kids that will be forever grateful for your efforts.


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