YesIBall had the opppurtunity to catch up with Junior Safety Trevon Stewart of the Houston Cougars football team about their first practice. Stewart is a valuable player for the Coogs as he’s returning from a season where he had six fumble recoveries and four Interceptions.

YesIBall: Dee Van here with Trevon Stewart, U of H DB. What’s up man? How’s everything going?

Trevon Stewart: Good man, great first day of practice.

YIB: I wanted to ask you about that. How would you rate this year’s first practice to last year’s? I noticed that everything looked smoother and yall looked more loose out there.

TS: It was smooth. You know we’ve got that chemistry now. We’ve been together for a year already and everybody’s back, the coaches are back, so we feel good about each other. We’ve all became closer and we had a great first day.

YIB: So you guys now have a few more teams to the conference this year. Is there a certain game that you have circled on the calendar?

TS: You know, we’re ready for all of them. We say that all of them are key games, but we’re ready to start our first game in the new stadium. We’re ready to pop that off that night against UTSA.

YIB: Speaking of the new stadium, how are you guys feeling about it?

TS: It’s great. Man, we went in there the other day and it’s nice. It’s top knotch.

YIB: Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing it too. Have a good season and good luck with everything.

TS: Thanks, I appreciate it.


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