Houston Baptist Football Team Has First Scrimmage

Houston Baptist Football Team Has First Scrimmage

The bright lights glaring over the newly laid Dunham Field, a parking lot full of cars while helmets and shoulder pads slam against each other.

After 51 years of not having a football team, the Houston Baptist Huskies hit the field and held their first scrimmage.

On August 31st, HBU will be starting their inaugural season vs. the Sam Houston State Bearcats and I’m sure, no matter what the outcome of the game or any games this season, the fans will feel victorious just by having a team.

The Huskies are in the process of starting something special and you could just feel it in the atmosphere of the team’s scrimmage. As the Huskies ran plays, you could hear the oohs and aahs from a crowd of enthusiastic fans and Alumni who have been deprived of watching their school play football.

While at the scrimmage, a guy was overheard telling his kid while smiling, “We have football now son, we finally have football”.

The fans are excited and the team is excited, so that means we can all be ready for an exciting first season from the Houston Baptist University Huskies. Be on the look out for this team, be patient and enjoy the ride.

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