The fame, the glitz, the glam- is it all really worth it? I often tend to feel bad for athletes and celebrities when looking at some of the things they have to endure because of their name.

I mean, sure, they’re rich and get free things while the person that is paying to watch them catch balls, sing or act is usually struggling to do so. However, is there any amount of money worth giving up the one thing we all deserve which is freedom?

Is a few million dollars worth not being able to enjoy lunch dates with your kids or dinner dates with your spouse because you have to stop eating to sign a t-shirt? Is a few million worth not being able to walk into a store without being bombarded by a bunch of people that don’t have any type of respect for what you have to do just so they can get a picture to look important on their social networking page? Is it worth not being able to use your own social networking site in peace because, as soon as you say something online, you will be asked to “rt me because I’m your biggest fan” or you have to type on pins and needles because one wrong word will get you into a heap of trouble.

I know a few million dollars is a lot and, to be honest, me being one of the most private people ever would be willing to deal with the fans for a while for the money but everyone has a breaking point and no amount of money can stop a person from reaching it.

Imagine working at your job all day and when you try to go out at night to unwind you have to deal with someone asking you sign their hand or asking you how do you feel about your company’s competition and sales.

Fans tend to get angry at athletes and celebrities if they refuse to sign an autograph and want to call the person ungrateful or say he/she doesn’t appreciate the fans, but when will the fans realize that they are being just as inconsiderate as the person is being ungrateful? If you really want to show support to your favorites, attend the meet & greets and other fan events, stop supporting all of the negative rumors that comes out about them and give them a chance to breath.

Where did this sense of entitlement come from? Why is it that a famous person is obligated to take a picture with you while they’re out shopping with their family? What have you to done to earn the right as a fan to make your favorite athlete get up from his table to touch your dirty ink pen?

I get it, we all love our famous people but, as fans, we all need to take a step back and realize that our favorite actors, athletes and entertainers are all human and sometimes need a break. So, the next time you’re about to go bother one of them, think about how much of an inconvenience you’re being first and know that a real fan wouldn’t bother their favorite celebrity for their own self-gratification.



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