As a Hornets fan, I want to tell Eric Gordon to shut the hell up and be grateful to get paid for doing what he loves. As a person looking at the situation without Hornets colored shades on, I still want to tell Eric Gordon to shut the hell up and be grateful to get paid for doing what he loves.

From the day the season ended, Monty Williams and Dell Demps expressed that Gordon is the face of the franchise. On the day the Hornets won the lottery and the day they drafted the number 1 pick Anthony Davis, the organization made it clear that Gordon would be “The man”. Now the question is, why is the player that’s suppose to be “The man” acting like a little boy? Eric Gordon spoke with ESPN and here’s what he had to say.

“Phoenix just showed a lot more interest, overall, and definitely in how they negotiated,” Gordon said. “I don’t know what New Orleans’ plans are for me. There are no negotiations right now…

“They drafted another shooting guard (Austin Rivers), a combo guard like me, which tells me they have another plan,” Gordon said.

First point, I understand Eric’s anger in not being treated like the star. Although the front office has stated that the team will be built around him, he feels he should have been offered a max deal up front and shouldn’t have had to go looking for one. Well Eric, the team feels that you should have played more than 9 games. While I’m with Gordon on this point, I can still see where the team is coming from by letting the market decide Eric’s value.

Second point, I would have respected Gordon’s decision much more had he said that he had a Unibrow phobia or that he hated the Hornets uniforms, but being upset that the team drafted a guy at your position just shows that you’re scared to compete. Austin Rivers was drafted as the best player available not as the best player to take over the shooting guard position.

Not to belittle the moves by Phoenix, but there’s no way anybody in their right mind can say the Suns roster as is right now looks to have a better future than the Hornets.

It’s this simple, Gordon, the fans can be with you or against you but you only get one chance. There’s no need to act like the kid who’s parent brought home a new baby. Me personally, I hope you come back and and as long as you wipe your tears away and ball out then all is good. But, regardless, you need to shut up and stop throwing the franchise under the bus. The atmosphere around the Hornets was too exciting for you to ruin. I mean ,you’re good but I think you’re smelling your own coffee a little too much.

The Hornets have until July 14th to match the Suns offer to retain Eric Gordon, which many said they will do. The fans should sit back and relax until everything is resolved. However, that will be hard after dealing with this situation with Chris Paul.

New Orleans has a team that is on the way up so let’s look past the negative and look forward to the future.



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