21. Bobby Taylor, 94. N.D Kalu

On June 23, 2012 Inkstarzz Sports had a chance to attend the first annual Fundamentals of Football Fun Camp in Houston Texas at Rice University hosted by former NFL Defensive Lineman N.D. Kalu and former Pro Bowl Cornerback Bobby Taylor. The event was a two day camp for kids grades K-7th where the kids learn the fundamentals of football. When sitting down and watching the camp go along, one of the first things that jumps out at you is that everything is a lesson. Even when the coaches were cracking jokes and making the kids laugh, there were still teaching moments going on in the process. Within the first five minutes of being there, I was able to see the difference in technique of the way one of the students was catching the ball.

The coaches seemed to be fun and outgoing, but still commanded respect and showed a football knowledge that the students could appreciate. The Fundamental Fun Camp teaches everything from the techniques of passing, catching, coverage and more. One of the main teaching points that caught my eye came when one of the students got mad with a teammate and was reminded that football is a team game and that one shouldn’t get mad at their team “ When things go wrong, we don’t turn on each other, we stick together, we’re a team” said one of the coaches. Preaching the importance of team is something I feel has to be taught to the players while they’re young.

The students were having fun while learning things that will probably stick with them throughout their football careers. We at Inkstarzzsports.com caught up with the founders of the camp, N.D Kalu and Bobby Taylor and here’s the video interview below.


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