Dear NFL,

I’ve been a loyal fan for a long time. I’m from a place where all we knew was football. I mean, we had basketball goals and stuff like that, but we only used those when we couldn’t find anyone to play quarterback and throw us the ball.

Although it’s the off-season, this lockout you guys have going is affecting my every day life (well not really, but really). You see, in June I would usually have some idea of what my favorite team would look like because of trades and free agency but hey guess what?? It’s June and I have no idea what my team will look like due to this lock out.  Let me explain to you what I’m doing right now, I’m watching a hockey game……YES, a freaking hockey game! I don’t watch hockey, but I feel like I have no choice right now because the one sport I love has abandoned me. This is the time of year where I would normally be on my Madden altering the rosters, taking away the players the team has lost, adding the ones they have  gained but now I can’t do that because seeing the Madden case brings tears to my eyes. It burns looking at the Madden disc knowing that the NFL might not be back. Do you know how hard it is for a grown man to explain to his kids why he’s sitting in a chair rocking back and forward in a dimly lit room crying and holding a video game? It’s hard, NFL, trust me it’s really hard. The fact that I’m writing this letter should say a lot.

Look NFL , Mr. Goodell, D. Smith, or whoever gets the players on the field I, like a million others, want you back. We don’t care about your money arguments or anything else you guys are arguing about.

Watching baseball, hockey, Nascar or Ocho Cinco riding on a bull (Just joking Ocho) simply won’t cut the cake. I don’t want to spend my Sundays sewing blankets, watching lifetime movies or cleaning up around the house. I want to spend my Sundays plucking chicken wing crumbs off my shirt, popping open beer bottles, calling everyone to talk about how the referees are cheating and yelling out “Who Dat!” as I watch the Saints second line their way to another Super Bowl.

I know you guys have to all meet down the middle, but whatever. The fans show you that they care, so now it’s time for you all to return the favor. Get on the field, we want football back!

Thanks. Mr. Goodell, tweet me @Sonnie_inkstar


  1. I Thank It’s A Shame To Hold Us Hostage And Taking Away Something That We All Love And Has Been Dedicated To Me And Every NFL Fans Around The World… FOOTBALL. Why Do This To The Fans Why Punish Us With Nothing Else To Watch… We Want Football We Wanna Get Back Into The Spirit Of Our Favorite Teams And Root For Them To Go Too The Super Bowl. What Do You Think Will Happen If Every NFL Fans Stop Watching Football And Stop Caring For It Because Y’all Can’t Make Up Your Minds And Turn To Soccer… Stop Treating Us This Way And Give Us Back What We Love To Watch… FOOTBALL!!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!


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