Christian Mccaffrey Is Really Good At Football

Christian Mccaffrey is really good. That's it.

Teaira McCowan Blocking Shots As Usual

The only thing that has changed is the Uniform. Teaira McCowan is still putting In work and blocking shots. Only now it's in...

I know it

I know it

AAF Footbal Hard Hitting Sack

AAF football is here and Oh'my these guys are hitting.

She’s Got So Much Game #1

Just so we can stop the narrative that women can't hoop. I'm going to keep this blog updated with a few highlights just to...

Noah Lyles Wins The 100m Final In A Beautifully Ran Race

Noah Lyles turned nonbelievers into believers after winning the 2018 100m final in a beautifully ran race.


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