Conner Gets To 50, Mikko To 40 And Tkachuk Tried To Get To The...

 I don’t often post about hockey for some odd reason, but I enjoyed it so much tonight 2.27.2023 that I had to. I don’t...

Have you ever watched a Hockey player get crossed over ? Here’s Your chance

Cale Makar of the Colorado Avalanche hit a player with a mean cross over on skates. This is a NHL ankle breaker that makes...

NHL Calder Memorial Trophy Nominees

The NHL the list for what is basically their rookie of the year . The three names that made list are Quinn Hughes, Dominik...

Madden 21 Video Teaser

EA released the trailer for the new Madden 21 and honestly,

Kevin Fiala Had A Video Game Highlight In Real Life

There's some moves that happen in the NHL that are just too good to even be recreated on video games. Honestly,


The NHL trade deadline has passed and these are the moves that were made.

NHL 17 Beta code Giveaway For PS4

I wanted to be fair with doing the giveaway code so I decided that first come first serve. The next code will be posted...


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