AAF Footbal Hard Hitting Sack

AAF football is here and Oh'my these guys are hitting.

She’s Got So Much Game #1

Just so we can stop the narrative that women can't hoop. I'm going to keep this blog updated with a few highlights just to...

Noah Lyles Wins The 100m Final In A Beautifully Ran Race

Noah Lyles turned nonbelievers into believers after winning the 2018 100m final in a beautifully ran race.

Kia Mathui Needs a Lemon For This Catch Because He Is Awesome

C/O 2020 St.Augistine (New Orleans) Wideout Kia Mathui is just awesome for making this catch. (Video fromĀ @Amos_MoraleIII of Nola.com)    

James Harden Takes Wes Johnson Pride With A Crazy Cross Over

This might be the most disrespectful NBA moment since A.I was in the league. James Harden not only led the Rockets to a victory...

Melvin Frasier of Tulane Dunks On North Carolina Basketball team and the Tar Heels...

Tulane didn't win the game but they dominated the highlights. Here's a clip of Melvin Frasier dunking so hard on North Carolina that they...

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