If you know me, then you’re aware of my deep passion for hockey and my alma mater, my HBCU Texas Southern University. Well, the exciting news is that I can now merge these two passions as Tennessee State University (TSU) is etching its name in history by becoming the very first HBCU to introduce collegiate hockey. While I don’t want to shift the focus to myself, I can’t help but express my genuine enthusiasm for this groundbreaking development. My aspiration is to collaborate closely with the team, and should that opportunity not materialize, I’m fully committed to providing comprehensive coverage of every significant stride this team takes.

Set to grace the ice for its inaugural season in 2024, I can confidently assure you that the world of hockey isn’t prepared for the sheer energy and litness that an HBCU crowd will bring. As an avid hockey spectator, I’ve been a fixture in the stands of countless hockey games, and I can attest to the unique atmosphere that HBCU fans will bring to the sport. Stay connected with Yesiball.com, where I’ll be your dedicated source, delivering the latest updates and news on TSU hockey.